The Caern

The Caern is a sacred place. This, its heart, is the most sacred of all. Deep with in the lake lies the power of the caern guarded by an alligator of great proportions.


GlassWalker Pack:
Dedicated to Clashing Boom Boom

Alpha: Samuel (Adren, Glasswalker, Lupus, Ahroun)

Beta: Web Ninja (Athro, Glasswalker, Homid, Ragabash)

Cadillac Tank (Adren, Red Talon, Lupus, Ahroun)

Santino (Adren, Glasswalker, Homid, Theurge)

Mother Loves Us Best:
Dedicated to Danu

Alpha: Son of Awwan NOT OF THIS SEPT (Elder, Fianna, Homid, Ahroun)

Beta: Kyle Inner Light NOT OF THIS SEPT (Elder, Child of Gaia, Lupus, Theurge)

Vidya Overcomes the Darkness to Sing of Triumph NOT OF THIS SEPT (Elder, Get of Fenris, Homid, Galliard)

Demitri Redeems Lost Glories (Athro, Silver Fang, Homid, Ahroun)

Anna Slaughters the Fables (Athro, Get of Fenris, Homid, Philodox)

Otto Bite of Triumph (Adren, Get of Fenris, Metis, Ahroun)

Ladimore Sworn to Silence (Fostern, Shadow Lord, Homid, Theurge)

Persephone Threads the Needle (Claith, Black Fury, Homid, Ahroun)


Quiet Stalker (Adren, Red Talon, Lupus, Ragabash)

Smiles Through It All (Fostern, Child of Gaia, Homid, Theurge)

Sights of Battle (Adren, Stargazer, Homid, Ahroun)


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